Finding your purpose on the links

I encounter many people who don’t have plans or goals. They watch their lives unfold before them, with no more sense of control than the ball in an old-fashioned pinball game, as it careens from the top to the bottom…maybe my book Walking with Herb can be like the flippers at the bottom, sending them back up the board to find more purpose.

I believe too many of us just get through the day, thinking that maybe later on, we’ll have time to live the lives we really want. Too many of us have never asked ourselves what we really want, much less made the effort to develop a plan to get there. You can’t hit a target, unless you have a target. I am hoping readers will consider some of the tips on time management within the book, and realize they don’t have to wait until the weekend, summer vacation, retirement, etc. to put their plans in place. This book was written in my “spare time”…time that could have just as easily been wasted on meaningless activity.

I believe that God is constantly communicating with us. We need to be better listeners. What we perceive as a gut feeling or a coincidence is often His way of reaching us. The way the words just kept flying out of my head as I wrote this book assured me there was some divine intervention at play. In golf vernacular, I was taking the lesson, as I was giving the lesson.

As a life-long golfer, I was able to kill two birds with one stone, vicariously fulfilling my fantasy about winning the Master’s while conveying the spiritual message. In fact, make that three birds, as writing a book has been on my personal bucket list for years. I was strongly encouraged by the very positive reviews I received from an article about my Dad, which Golf Digest Magazine published in its June 2011 edition.

I am hoping that readers will be inspired to discover how wonderful we all are.


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