7 golf books you need to pick up now

It is somewhat daunting for me to pick my favorite golf titles, as one of my hobbies over the years has been collecting golf books. I have hundreds of them. Although experience has proven to me time and again, that the most successful golfers over the long range, are the ones who pick a simple style of play and stick with it, gradually honing it over time, I have continued to explore new ideas. I used to be a pretty serious golfer, but most of my life, I have played golf for amusement, and it has been more amusing for me to keep experimenting, than to stick with one technique.

Me and my twin brother Van at the Masters in 2009
Me and my twin brother Van at the Masters in 2009

My favorite golf books are the ones which give me an excuse to play golf. Since I don’t play for a living, I am always searching for a reason to spend so much time at it. I think that golf is a great time investment, as it is sort of a microcosm of life, allowing one to learn important lessons in a relatively bloodless arena. Some of the best lessons I have learned, came directly from golf.

Here are some of my favorites, not necessarily in order of favoritism:

“Golf in the Kingdom” by Michael Murphy: Lots of humor and thought-provoking insights. One of my Dad’s favorite parts was when one of the characters stated something on the order of “Why would you want to get good at golf?…it won’t make you a better person.”

“Seven Days in Utopia” by David Cook, PhD: Loaded with good spiritual lessons as well as golf advice.

“How I Played the Game” by Byron Nelson: I saw Mr. Nelson give an exhibition when I was a kid. His golf swing and his life philosophy were similar to my Dad’s.

“It’s the Damned Ball” by Ike S. Handy: Chock full of practical advice, from an eloquent old attorney, who was talked into writing a golf book. One of his observations was how it takes years to perfect a golf swing when using a ball as your target, but most people will make almost a perfect swing the first time, if they are trying to hit a pine cone with a golf club.

“The Mulligan” by Wally Armstrong and Ken Blanchard: Good story, which relates to so many people I know, who are playing golf for the wrong reasons.

“Quantum Golf” by Kjell Enhager: If you want to learn how to get your head out of your way, and enjoy the game, read this book.

“Little Red Book” by Harvey Penick: Mr. Penick and my Dad were two peas in a pod. This book is full of timeless wisdom.

If you like any of these books, or similar books, it is a strong bet you will enjoy the book I was inspired to write, “Walking with Herb.” I think you will find it humorous and inspirational, and it might even help your golf game.


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