Jordan Spieth: faith at the 18th hole

By all accounts, Jordan Spieth is an amazing young man. He has an amazingly mature golf game for a twenty-one year old. Equally, if not even more amazing, is the maturity he demonstrates off the golf course.

It is safe to assume that as a product of Catholic schools growing up, he has a well-grounded spiritual background. His humility and public comments about the importance of family, especially his relationship with his special needs sister, speak volumes about his character.

I’ve mentioned, in previous blogs, the importance of faith. How faith in God produces faith in oneself… that God has given us all we need to succeed, if we just believe and commit.

Jordan made a wonderful demonstration of his faith in himself on the last hole of the US Open. He had just finished hitting probably his worst shot of the tournament on the preceding hole, which resulted in a double-bogey, wiping out his lead. After a disaster like that, most of us would have approached the 18th tee with a certain amount of trepidation, our minds swimming with all kinds of negative thoughts.

How could I have been so careless? I am about to look like the biggest choker in US Open history, in front of millions of people. Why has my swing deserted me at this crucial moment?

Instead, Jordan did just what Herb would have advised him to do. He erased the bad hole from his mind and focused on playing the 18th hole with the confidence that comes from having faith in your ability.

He won the tournament and, more importantly, taught us all a lesson. Thank you, Jordan…the most eloquent preacher could not have delivered a sermon on faith better than you did last Sunday.


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