Examples of how God communicates with us

Many people assume that our communication with God is basically a monologue, with us doing all of the talking, and God rarely, if ever, responding. I believe God is constantly communicating with us, although, if we don’t have faith, our receivers aren’t turned on. His communication is often in the form of a gut feeling on our part, or an occurrence we mistakenly assume is a coincidence. We need to become better at picking up His signals. The first step, obviously, is to have faith that the signals are being sent.

If you look back over your life, I am sure you will find instances where a gut feeling or an unlikely coincidence led you in the proper direction. This has happened to me hundreds of times. A few notable examples:

In 1972, I was in graduate school, without a clue about finding a job. My degree was in Soil Science, and I assumed that I would eventually find a job with some government agency, such as the Soil Conservation Service. As I was walking on my way to class one day, a guy who I barely knew yelled across the hall about the Federal Land Bank needing to hire some trainees. I didn’t know anything about the Federal Land Bank, and had never even thought about becoming a banker. I interviewed with them and was hired. This launched a 44-year career in banking which I am still enjoying.

I started dating Sheila as the result of another coincidence, on New Year’s Eve, 1981. She had recently separated from her first husband. She didn’t want to go out that evening, but her best friend talked her into going out for “just one drink” to celebrate the new year. I didn’t want to go out either. I was by myself, and feeling especially lonely, since it was my birthday, and I had nobody to celebrate with me. For some reason, though, I felt compelled to go out. I saw Sheila and her friend across the room, and did something I had never done before, simply because I just wasn’t that kind of guy. I sent a couple of drinks to their table. They waived me over. We sat there and talked for hours. Sheila and I have been married for more than 33 years. She is my soulmate, the perfect wife for me. Neither of us wanted to be there that night.

Ken Blanchard, the renowned author of The One Minute Manager and numerous other books, has been instrumental in the publication of Walking with Herb. I had finished a rough draft of the book and was looking for well-known people to give me endorsements. I just happened to come across some information that Ken was a golf enthusiast, as well as a strong Christian. I decided to email a copy of the draft to him. I received a call that afternoon from his assistant. She told me my email popped up just as Ken was visiting with her on his way out of the office to be gone for the summer. She handed it to him, and he said it looked like something he might enjoy reading on the airplane. A few days later, Ken called me and gave me some extremely valuable advice about how to take the project forward. I am absolutely sure that if his assistant had not noticed my email and taken steps to get it in Ken’s hands at precisely that moment, the book would not now be in print.

There have been too many of these instances to count. Bottom line is that God loves us and guides us. Keep your antenna up and your receiver turned on!

Please share in the comments below a “coincidence” that has happened in your life that you’re convinced was a message from God!


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