Businessman’s best two employment tips for young people

As a long-time businessman, I wanted to slip some sound career advice into Walking with Herb. Two of the best pieces of advice are aimed at young people who are just getting started in their careers:

1. Find out what parts of your boss’s job your boss dislikes, and learn how to do these tasks for him/her. Your boss will come to see you as invaluable. Young Nick Crawford in the book quickly learned that Joe Goodman hated anything to do with compliance. Nick volunteered to handle all of the bank’s compliance function, and thus ensured his job security. I was 23 when I got my first job at a bank. My first boss hated crunching numbers. I was always rather analytical, and volunteered to take over the number-crunching for him. This led to ever-expanding trust between the two of us. When he left the bank five years later, he recommended me as his replacement to the Board of Directors, and I was hired as the bank’s president at the age of 28.

2. Always be the most under-paid person on the team. This may sound counter-productive, but the person who delivers the most “bang for the buck”, will always have a job. Rather than concerning yourself with your current salary, concentrate more on learning and making yourself more valuable. Take a long-term view of your career.

If you use one of these tips, let me know how it goes for your career!


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