Find Your Golfing Potential

I believe almost every golfer is capable of shooting far better scores with their existing swing and physical ability. To prove my point here is a fun experiment to try with your golf buddies. Those of you who have read “Walking with Herb” will recall this process was critical to Herb’s development of Joe into a scratch player.

The process is very simple. Each member of the group plays two balls, playing the better result each time. You will be surprised at the difference between your “best ball” score and your normal score. The “best ball” score will give you a glimpse of your potential, given your present swing and physical ability.

I convinced my twin brother to play this way with me last week, when we were guests at the San Antonio Country Club. We had a great experience. The both shot six under par. He had six birdies and no bogeys. I had seven birdies and one bogey. We both agreed that neither of us would have broken eighty, had we played our first shot each time. My brother is a left-brained, over-analytical engineering type of guy. I think this little experiment may have convinced him to spend less time working on swing mechanics,and more time working on focus and pre-shot routine.

The key to improvement lies not so much in improving our swings, as it does in improving our ability to summon up our best effort with our present swing a higher percentage of the time.


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