9781491757963_COVER.inddSixty-three-year-old Joe Goodman thinks nothing much in his background distinguishes him from other guys his age. As the former amateur golfer’s life continues to unfold in a reasonably satisfying, somewhat predictable pattern, Joe is enjoying a happy marriage, working as a bank executive, and gearing up for retirement. But as he is about to discover, life has a way of throwing a curveball that changes everything.

Following a weekend spent watching the Masters golf tournament on television, Joe is working at his desk when he receives a message from God on his computer screen that tells him he has been chosen to deliver an inspirational message to the world that the seemingly impossible is possible.

God tells Joe he is going to play in the Masters the following spring, and if his faith is strong enough, he will win.

As Joe embarks on a spiritual journey to make a difference, he must learn to face his fears, have confidence in his abilities, and commit to his goals before he can succeed.Walking with Herb is the inspirational story of an aging small-town banker’s attempt to fulfill his higher purpose and, with God’s help, prove that anything is possible.

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