“Walking with Herb” got a special shout out in the most recent Golf Digest magazine.

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Timeless Gift

I always take great joy, in receiving all of the graduation announcements that arrive about this time each year. However, it is a bit of a mixed bag, as they remind me about how fast time is flying by…”I can’t believe Johnny is graduating, it seems like he was playing Little League Baseball just a couple of years ago!” My wife taught Kindergarten for over twenty years, and is usually a somewhat wistful, looking at the graduation picture of the now fully-grown young man or woman, barely recognizable from the “little toot” she taught how to read.

We usually respond with the standard, (and expected) cash gift, but for the graduates for whom we have a special attachment, I send them a copy of the book below. Cash has a tendency to disappear rather quickly, especially from the hands of young people. Timeless advice lasts longer.