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Happy to Announce that “Walking with Herb” is now available for purchase on BookGrabbr.


Timeless Gift

I always take great joy, in receiving all of the graduation announcements that arrive about this time each year. However, it is a bit of a mixed bag, as they remind me about how fast time is flying by…”I can’t believe Johnny is graduating, it seems like he was playing Little League Baseball just a couple of years ago!” My wife taught Kindergarten for over twenty years, and is usually a somewhat wistful, looking at the graduation picture of the now fully-grown young man or woman, barely recognizable from the “little toot” she taught how to read.

We usually respond with the standard, (and expected) cash gift, but for the graduates for whom we have a special attachment, I send them a copy of the book below. Cash has a tendency to disappear rather quickly, especially from the hands of young people. Timeless advice lasts longer.


My Sister

This week's blog post is a sad one. The beautiful lady whose picture is attached is my sister, Betti. She died Friday, of complications from COPD, at the age of 73. Betti was a vibrant, athletic girl, who probably played more golf than any of her siblings. Her freshman year of college, she took up smoking. It developed into an addiction, which robbed her of so many things.

Given our family genetics, she should have been playing vigorous golf well in to her eighties.....but she smoked.

She should have seen her granddaughters grow up, get married and have children....but she smoked.

She should have been able to enjoy a good night's sleep, smell flowers, taste good food, not have to fight for every breath...but she smoked.

Please don't let this happen to you, or anyone you care about.

God bless,


Testimonial from Coach Lou Holtz

From: Holtz office
Sent: Thursday, February 25, 2016 9:23 AM
To: Joe S. Bullock
Subject: From Coach Lou Holtz

Dear Joe,

Thank you very much for sending me the book.  I read the foreword and the first two chapters and I agree with you; it is humorous and also God-filled.  I look forward to finishing it and I will certainly pass on the word to other people.  Thanks for thinking of me.



Lou Holtz

What makes people happy? A conversation with my friend

From: Joe S. Bullock
Sent: Saturday, February 20, 2016 11:04 AM
To: ‘Dale Brown’
Subject: RE: What makes people happy? Harvard happiness study

Thanks for sharing, Dale!

One of my favorite quotes is from Abraham Lincoln:   “people are about as happy, as they make up their minds to be.”   One of the questions Herb asks Joe in Walking with Herb, “Who is the happiest?..the man with the most, or the man who needs the least?…Joe, surprisingly enough, gives Herb the correct answer.

Keep the faith…Joe


From: Dale Brown

Sent: Saturday, February 20, 2016 10:18 AM

Subject: FW: What makes people happy? Harvard happiness study

 How do we find success and happiness ? It’s difficult because we have distorted the true meaning of success. The first Webster’s Dictionary printed in 1806 defined success as prosperous, fortunate, happy, and kind. If you now look in a dictionary it is described as attainment of wealth, fame, power, and rank. This message bombards us every day from every direction and we begin to believe we aren’t successful unless we attain these things. We must guard our mind against the illusion of success. The more we are connected to the illusion of success, the greater will be our disconnection from finding true happiness. The attached video will give you the correct path to success and happiness. Dale Brown