Joe S. Bullock has been a small town banker for over 40 years. He was named as the president of a bank at the ripe old age of 28, and credits his sense of humor with helping him survive the experience. He currently resides in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where he was named Citizen of the Year in 2002. He was a collegiate golfer, and won several local and regional championships as a young man. He is a life-long Christian, who believes that laughter is one of God’s greatest gifts.

Walking with Herb is his first novel. He has been published in Golf Digest as well as local publications.

Joe has recieved the following recommendations for his book:

“Joe Bullock has elevated the mundane to the spiritual and given golf–ordinarily a sport no one in his right mind should attempt–a grace it rarely manifests, thanks to his protagonist, senior citizen Joe Goodman, who may be out of his mind in the most delightful possible way. My face smiled a lot as my brain immersed in Joe’s journey to–and through–the final round of The Masters.” Mark Medoff, Oscar-nominated playwright, screenwriter, film and theatre director. Tony Award, Oliver Award, Obie Award, and Writers Guild of America Award recipient.

“This inspirational and unique story touches every golfer’s heart. We know we have a big God, but do we dream big enough to prove it to the world and to ourselves? Do we trust our God enough to accomplish the things He wants us to? A truly captivating read and engaging story.” Bernhard Langer, two-time Masters Champion, former number one ranked player in the world.

“I love God and golf; if you do too, you won’t want to miss Walking with Herb. Thank you, Joe, for a wonderful guide for living.”
-Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager

Jeff Hopper, author of Go for the Green and editor of the Links Daily Devotional: “Joe Bullock’s Walking with Herb is a book for golf lovers who also aren’t afraid to consider the question of how God enters the events of our lives and makes Himself known to us. You’ll laugh a lot, reflect even more, and maybe end up praying.”

Hal Sutton, former United States Ryder Cup Captain: “I found the book full of life lessons and golf lessons. Sometimes God is talking to us and we just have to listen.”

Bill Rogers, 1981 British Open Champion, former PGA Player of the Year: “Joe Bullock has managed to use humor and the great game of golf to weave a beautiful faith message in Walking with Herb. This book will put a great big smile on your face!”

Charley Johnson, former all-pro quarterback for Denver, St. Louis and Houston: “Here comes a great ‘shot’ right on line to show the joy of grace and faith. What a wonderful read about a most difficult subject, and truly difficult sport. I honestly could not put the book down without finishing a beautiful example of God’s power.”

Lou Henson, Hall of Fame college basketball coach, who led two different programs (New Mexico State & Illinois) to the Final Four: “Within these pages you will find fiction interlaced with fact, subtle humor and a golfer’s fantasy fulfilled, skillfully enriched with an overriding spiritual theme. It is an interesting, thoroughly enjoyable book, penned by my friend who is no ‘ordinary Joe’. ”

Guy Wimberly, member of Professional Golf Association Hall of Fame: “The most informative book on golf I have ever read. Should be part of a teaching manual. A book on golf that would be number one in any golf library.”

Bill Eschenbrenner, 2005 National PGA Professional of the Year: “This book is part of the golf story that is not told enough. It is a must read for all golfers.”

Joe Bullock’s book, Walking with Herb, will take you down a pathway loaded with solid advice on living life properly and enjoying each step of the journey.
-Dale Brown, Louisiana State University Basketball Coach 1972-1997, member of National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame.

“In these pages Joe Bullock has created a fascinating blend of sports story, humor, and theological reflection. The author moves effortlessly between light-heartedness and serious discussion of religious questions. Bullock’s novel will appeal to golfers and non-golfers alike, as well as readers who consider themselves believers or SBNR (spiritual but not religious !). I recommend this book as a source of encouragement for thoughtful people who like to cheer for the underdog and who just might want to make a difference in the world, however small.” The Reverend Dr. Jeanne Lutz, Priest-In-Charge, St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, El Paso, Texas.

“In Joe Bullock’s novel ‘Walking with Herb”, I was pleased to find out that God cares about golf. Over the years of my golfing adventures and misadventures I had become convinced that God didn’t like golf at all, and didn’t appreciate me playing it. Mr. Bullock’s book adjusted my mistaken point of view. God loves me and is invested in what I am doing and how I am doing it. His love is constant, mine is sporadic. The lesson is ongoing in the novel as it is in life, and filled with wonder and faith in the face of obstacles. There is a ‘Herb’ out there for all of us, and Joe was fortunate to find him. I loved the book and like golf a little more.” Craig T. Nelson, Emmy winning actor and producer.


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